Graduate degree or professional qualification?


Should I consider pursuing a graduate degree or a professional course? This is a question that most students ask once they clear the undergraduate level. one thing that is certain is that furthering your education is the right move for you in terms of personal development and career growth.

First, you will realize that the main aim of going to college/ university is to get skills in a certain field of your dreams and later get a job for most people. This is because most employers usually check these skills and competencies before hiring an employee to work for them. If you meet all these requirements, you can be sure that you will secure your dream job. To achieve this, you can either choose a graduate degree or a professional course. However, there is a difference between these two. This article will elaborate on the difference between these two and which one you should choose.

Graduate degrees are advanced studies in an academic discipline, whose sole purpose is imparting knowledge of the subject matter. A graduate degree is usually considered to be an asset by most employers and governments all over the world. You will realize that it normally opens up advanced leadership positions in the knowledge economy. With a graduate degree course, you can be sure that you will become an expert in your field. Also, you can be sure that you will be able to improve your career prospects by engaging in advanced studies and research.

On the other hand, professional qualification is advanced studies in professional or vocational fields tailored to provide learners with professional knowledge for application in professional practice. Some people normally choose to pursue a professional course instead of a graduate degree course. First, you will note that we live in an ever-competitive world. Therefore, there is a need to look for improvement in your area of expertise. Taking a professional course can help improve your performance in your line of work career making you more advanced and better skilled. This further also gives you more career confidence.

If you choose to study for a graduate degree course, you will gain skills in that area only. You might choose to study business, nursing, computer science or law course. Depending on the degree course that you choose you will gain knowledge, skills, and abilities in that area only. Most students normally graduate with different degree courses out there yearly. All these students need to secure employment to achieve their life goals. Since graduates are normally many, employees start narrowing down to whether one has done a professional course or not. This becomes an added advantage to any potential employee. The following are the advantages of studying a professional course in the current job market today:

  1. Keeping up with trends

Once you choose to undertake a professional course, you can be sure to be exposed to new and fresh ideas as you are updated on the emerging areas happening in your field of interest. Through constant learning of these areas, you can be certain that you will be able to overcome different challenges that you might encounter in your respective field.

  1. Sets you apart from others

The current job market is very competitive. Having a degree course is not enough. Nowadays, employers are looking for people who have distinct skills to work in their businesses or companies. Therefore, there is a need for you to inculcate new ideas and even develop concepts that will give you the ability to face different challenges while in the workplace. Here, you will be able to use a tactical approach to solve different problems. Also, you will be able to take a more creative and innovative perspective towards solutions and this will set you apart from others and even earning you a promotion.

  1. More creativity

Every employer wants a creative employee. With this employee, an employer knows that he will be able to solve numerous problems with a lot of ease. First, you will note that creativity is something that never stops evolving. As you learn different things in your field of specialization, you will get acknowledged with the ongoing trends and this goes a long way in enhancing your creativity.

  1. Professional approach to customer demands

The skills that come with professional qualification enables one to have tailor-made solutions to customer needs as its more practical and skills-based. This enables one to meet the customers’ demands with the required confidence. and with no one solution fits all mentality.

  1. Flexible learning opportunities

The flexibility in taking professional courses is what is making them popular; Flexibility in the mode of learning in that they can be taken online for those who cannot make it physically to class. Time flexibility in that they can be taken when one is off work duty, over the weekends, as well as evening classes is making the course ideal as it doesn’t interfere with the already busy schedule of the student. Flexibility in terms of a career change. At a point in one’s career journey they might need to do something that is more fulfilling or exciting and find the need to pursue a different field, the professional course comes in handy to offer  knowledge and skills in the new field 


Professional courses are mostly tailored according to industry and market needs. You can trust that you will benefit greatly after completing your course. You will become more competitive which comes with its perks such as promotions at work, career flexibility, creativity boost among others. The good news is that these courses take a relatively shorter period to complete. If you want to enrich your performance and potential, you should not hesitate to invest in a professional course.