How Social media can ruin your career

5 Social Media Mistakes That Could Hurt Your Career


Social media platforms enable you to present yourself to the world, Your social media presence is an extension of who you are. 70% of recruiters use social media to screen candidates during the hiring process. Nowadays, the human resource department uses various platforms to keep tabs on employees as employees’ actions outside the workplaces often reflect positively or negatively their place of work. It is, therefore, important to avoid sabotaging your career journey by avoiding below social media behaviors that can ruin your career:

  1. Complaining about your job on social media

Sometimes you might feel the need to lament about your job, workplace, boss, or colleague for one reason or another. You might have a bad day at work and the only solution viable to you is to vent online. This might seem to be a good idea but it can be detrimental. Remember that your employer and colleagues are also online and your action might catch up with you when least expected in the near future like during the appraisal.

Potential employers might also view you as one who does not know the proper and effective channels and ways to handle employee grievances costing you your future dream job.

  1. Posting vulgar comments

Your social media posts and comments are a reflection of your values and belief. In the modern world where there are many contentious and sensitive issues, Its good to exercise caution and practice empathy. Sometimes you might come across some post that does not please you or do not agree with your value system and how you engage with such post may come back to haunt you. Commenting carelessly on issues like race, ethnicity, sex, religion, and politics might cost you your current and or future job.

  1. Posting photos doing drugs

Chances are that you having a good time and have been tempted to post a photo online smoking some weed or drinking alcohol. This might seem cool to you at the moment but your employer might not like it. Most people have ever tried this and ended up losing their jobs. Remember that no employer wants to have an intoxicated employee. If you have to take alcohol, you should do it privately. Do not post anything that could suggest that you were on a drinking spree. 

  1. Mocking your customers online

Social media is changing how businesses engage with their customers. Tools have been put in place where a client can give feedback about a product or service rendered by a business. Those handling the social media pages should be trained to take criticism with grace as there has been instances where page managers are going back and forth with a client who is giving in most cases negative feedback. If you notice that a certain customer has an issue, with your service/product, help or guide him on how to solve it. 

  1. Oversharing

Some job requires a high level of confidentiality and a glance through your social media page can tell whether you have the ability to be discreet. If you are the person who goes about sharing payrolls, job offers, and contracts on your social media pages you will ruin your chances of staying employed.

Social media is a tool that can help you leverage and even grow your career. Most people have grown their careers using social media and have  WAYSenjoyed the results. However, the same social media can ruin your career and frustrate you. Therefore, audit your page regularly and practice kindness and empathy while presenting your thoughts, ideas, and dealing with the online community.


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