7 working from home tips

7 Working from home tips during Corona Pandemic


Corona Virus has made working from home the new normal. Many companies have implemented working from home policy. There is a lot one can enjoy when working from the comfort of their home such as flexibility, More time with the family, however, productivity is still needed as there are deliverables and deadlines to be met. Below are tips on how to maximize  your new responsibility;

  1. Set aside a specific place for work

Chances are, you will be tempted to work from the bed or couch while at home. While this might look like a good idea, it is not ideal. A separate place should be set maybe in a room that is rarely used or just transform one corner of your sitting/bedroom into an office. Ideally, it should be a room with very little or no distraction. This will help you to be more focused.

  1. Try to get fully dressed every morning

Most people normally find it difficult to get fully dressed while working from home and instead opt for pajamas. However, this might have a direct impact on productivity. Just like any workout, you should consider getting dressed every morning. By wearing certain clothes, you will shift the mental gear and become more focused on the days’ task.

  1. Create a working schedule

The beauty of working from home is flexibility. One can choose to either work during the day or during the night provided deadlines are met. However, you should have a working schedule. This can be achieved by creating a timetable of the duties and deliverables and sticking to it. Having a planner and using it to track deadlines, meetings, appointments also help to organize tasks and deliverables. Using an alarm and committing to it also helps create a habit.

  1. Over-communicate

Remember you are part of a team even as you work from home. There are decisions to be made, feedback and assignments to be given and many other office discussions to be had. Modes of communication with the team have now changed to digital weather text or voice-based, therefore, a need to Invest in good digital communication devices and software. 

Constant communication with the team is also important to keep everyone updated on any changes or developments of tasks at hand. The team should plan on how, when, and where to hold official communication.

  1. Remember to take breaks

 All work and no break will make you a dull employee. Working nonstop from morning till evening does not always translate to one being productive. Taking short breaks from time to time helps your body have some rest, get revitalized, and also increase creativity levels.

  1. Own Your time

Working from home for most people means being at home with other family members. it is important to set boundaries and manage expectations especially for those with kids who demand a lot of attention. Prioritize and communicate in advance with those around you to enable you to work effectively and also spend with them.

  1. Be safe

Working from home means the only way to communicate with your colleagues is digitally leaving you vulnerable to cyber attack. Phishing attacks and malware installs have been on the rise. You should aim to keep your company, devices, and accounts safe by not using public WiFi, Having different passwords for different accounts, Avoid opening suspicious links sent to your email, and use good anti-virus software.

Working from home during this period may not what you had envisioned but it should not stop you from being productive. Remember expectations are the same, only the environment has changed.


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