Being promotion ready

Preparing for a promotion


Being ready to move forward and upward in one’s career often leaves many employees vulnerable. This is because this is a decision that largely depends on the manager or supervisor. So, how do you take control of this key decision in your career growth and earn yourself a promotion and hopefully accompanied by a raise? Below are some tips on being promotion ready;

  1. Be proactive. 

Participate in projects that are important to the business and while at it take more responsibilities voluntarily. This shows dedication and actively shapes your reputation in the workplace. Proactiveness also shows an understanding of the companies long term objective hence a dedication to the company’s future success.

2. Network and connect with decision influencers.

Networking with the right people allows them to see your strength and evaluate how you can provide support in the future. It also builds trust and it has been proven that most managers prefer to work and recommend those employees that they trust for future opportunities.

3. Work on your personal brand

A strong personal brand can earn you promotion by proving your value to the company becoming irreplaceable. Strategic ways you can strengthen your personal brand include; be the go-to person for something unique in the office, learn continuously to improve your skills and expertise, Be the go-to person for all the clients, be your company’s ambassador among many others. Remember to be consistent with your personal brand.

4. Be Authentic

While working for a promotion, avoid sucking up to your boss. Always let your hard work and strength do the talking. Be genuine with your action, values, and words which will create a work culture where you are more in tune and connected to what you do. This will eventually lead to positive impacts in terms of work output & performance, job satisfaction, healthy professional relationships all likely to earn you that promotion.

5. Consider timing

You don’t just wake up and ask for a promotion. Promotion is a usually slow process that ideally should be earned and not handed out. In most cases, the best time to have the promotion conversation is after consistently achieving set targets. The success in attaining these targets should show your commitment to improving the company and that you are invested in your work.

6. Be positive

Do not let factors that you cannot control affect you when you are waiting for that promotion. The ugly truth about promotion in some organisations is that it is not a free and fair process. It is a process marred by factors such as tribalism, sexism, racism, age discrimination, nepotism, and many other negative factors. Remember to follow your passion and remain authentic. money and titles will follow in due time.

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