Job hunting this holiday? These companies are hiring.


The holiday season is here with us. As we get caught up with the festivities, holiday decorations, shopping, spending time with family and friends, we should not let job searching go down the priority list. As hectic as the period is, it is the perfect time to accelerate your job search. During the holiday season, there is less competition as most job seekers halt the search to attend to festivities demands. There are more opportunities to network during the many Christmas parties and for those working and looking to change jobs, Christmas break presents ample time to work on your job search items and reconnect with existing networks. Many companies are still hiring and including these companies:

  1. Isuzu East Africa

Isuzu is a century-old brand leading in the transportation industry. In Kenya, Isuzu East Africa Limited leads in local vehicle assembling and has a 45% market share in the new vehicle sale segment. The company boast of excellent customer service and relationship both internal and external as the foundation of their success. The company aims at creating vehicles that serve the people who drive them.

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2. The Fred Hollows Foundation

The Fred Hollows Foundation is a charitable organization that has purposed to put an end to avoidable blindness. The organization offers training, advocacy, education, treatment, and rebuild facilities to partners and local communities to help support their goal. The company offers an environment supports and recognizes innovation and excellence. Creativity is highly encouraged and they are the biggest advocacy of workplace diversity and inclusion.

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KEMRI is a state corporation established 40 years ago and whose mandate is to carry out research in human health. The corporation has been ranked among the top research organizations in Africa in research output. KEMRI has over 4,000 employees and invests heavily in creating a favorable work environment with able mentors to ensure talent development

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4. Braeburn Schools

Braeburn Group of International Schools offers British and International curricula. The school has a special focus on the people, both teaching and non-teaching staff to ensure commitment in nurturing the children. The school envisions every student becoming a successful learner, confident individual, and a responsible citizen. Braeburn boasts of a high retention rate for their teachers. This is made possible by their commitment to maintaining a healthy teaching environment, offering support in professional development, and ensuring a healthy work-life balance.

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5. KOKO Networks

KOKO Networks is a smart fuel technology company. They currently produce liquid ethanol cooking fuel that is affordable to the mass market and improves the quality of life as its clean and safe fuel. KOKO fosters a collaborative environment that enhances professional growth while being surrounded by passionate and tech-savvy employees aiming to leave a mark globally. In  2019, KOKO Networks were finalist in the best employer brand Sub-Saharan Africa in the LinkedIn Talent Awards Program.

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6. Techsavanna Companies Limited.

Techsavanna is a software company that provides ICT solutions and software development to corporates. They offer personalized business solutions in a range of IT platforms including;  Resource Planning, Knowledge Management, Mobile and Web-technology, Business Automation & Integration, and Customer Relationship management fields among others. Their employee make-up is highly diversified with dynamic rounded individuals with a positive attitude and lifestyle.

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Don’t delay, start today and get a wonderful holiday gift in the form of a new job

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