Finding an organization that fits you

how to determine if an organization is fit for you


Searching and finally getting a job or role that fits you is such a difficult task. A lot of people have settled on jobs due to the title and salary while the organization values and cause do not align with theirs. For others, the atmosphere does not promote growth and is toxic but they still stay due to ‘limited career options’. Truth is to thrive in any organization, your cause, values, principles, beliefs, and behavior have to be in sync with those of the organization. Organizations are known to hire the best fit through various tests and assessments. How then do you ensure you settle for an organization that is the best fit for you?

Find a cause you care about. It is important to do a self-analysis to figure out what matters to you as a person and see how you can uniquely contribute. In most cases, your strength will lead you to a cause. Case in point your strength might be in public speaking, ask yourself how you can contribute this strength to a cause. if you care enough about the strength you can make a career out of it. Look up organizations where you can contribute these strengths in a significant way. A place where you can be valuable and bring value with your contribution. Use keywords to find these organizations. For example, careers in public speaking line are news anchor, teaching, Acting, MCing the list is endless. Research and create a list of companies based on their values and determine which one stays and the ones that come off the list. Using purpose as a driving force to determine the organization you want has always being a sure way to ensure you land in the perfect organization.

Pay attention. While looking for the best fit organization for you, pay attention to every detail. This includes;

  • The communication cycle: begin by looking at the job description and determine if it is speaking to your individual cause and career path. If actively communicating with the company in the recruitment stage, pay keen attention to how communication is done? Are they on time? Are they professional? Is the process clear? During the interview, assess physical space, assess how happy do the employees look? Remember communication is two-way so you can also ask those conducting the interview about the company philosophy and values. Paying attention to such details gives you cues if the organization is the best fit for you.
  • Online and offline reputation: a quick internet search can show you how the company is or is perceived to be by the stakeholders in terms of ethics, workplace culture, financial performance, leadership, and others. Use the findings to judge the probability of its future behavior. Past and current employees can also be a good source of information as they will give you a clear glimpse of the organization’s operations.

Look out for growth opportunities: The modern workplace is increasingly becoming complex, diversified, and highly dynamic. The need for one to keep re-inventing themselves is becoming a necessity. For this reason, consider how an organization will develop and grow professionally. Evaluate career development and professional development opportunities, mentorship programs, feedback process across the board, and promotion and salary raise determinants among others.

Be introspective: After knowing your cause and doing enough research on the company/s, it is now time to examine your soul, consciousness, and feelings. Think about whether you will thrive and be challenged enough in the organization. Evaluate how best you will fit there and trust your judgment to make the right decision.

Do not settle for an organization that does not fit you. I doubt anyone would go to a shop and settle for an ill-fitting coat or dress. We are used to corporates evaluating our organizational fit that we forget how important it is to settle in an organization that matches our values, causes, and goals. As an individual looking for a company that is fit for your career goals, do not be afraid to turn down an offer if it does not align with your career goals.

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