Ways motherhood can boost your career


Career and motherhood have been known for the longest time to compete or fight each other. This because of the difference in perceived personalities of a woman when she is at home and in the professional environment. At home, the woman is viewed as tender and nurturing, while at work, she is considered tough-minded with all the shrewd professional qualities that accompany the workplace. The clash of the two personalities breeds the belief that a woman cannot achieve simultaneous success in motherhood and as a working professional.  

Such perceptions should be highly discouraged in modern society. Contrary to the belief that motherhood limits a woman’s career experience, it makes them more valuable in the workforce. Motherhood has earned women promotions and made them better at their job, both knowingly and unknowingly. Motherhood has equipped women with teaching, project management, negotiation, accounting and many other skills more without going back to class. Below are some of the ways mothers can leverage motherhood d to help boost their career:

  1. Helps in time management

With many tasks to do and little time, motherhood gives women a front-row seat in time management, prioritizing, multitasking and delegation. Women have had to be strategic with the limited time to accomplish most if not all tasks a. With time being such a precious commodity, women have perfected the art of being fully present and bringing the best version of themselves both at home and at work. This kind of focus brought about by time constraint is what every career needs. It helps achieve set targets and helps ensure that one only engages in activities that guarantee maximum productivity.

2. It makes women dream big

Many women have cited their children as the motivation behind pushing them to do big and unimaginable things as far as their career is concerned. They want to leave a rich legacy of the impact they made, a factor that makes them transition careers into causes they care about.  Playfully, Habbi habbi and Saalt are good examples of motherhood inspired global companies. 

Motherhood tends to pique a woman’s career curiosity. How will her career be five, ten, fifteen years from now? Will she be in tune with her purpose? Will she be doing what she loves? A friend once told me that the thought of her child seeing her in an unhappy career made her more ambitious. She first started a side hustle business in corporate branding, which later transitioned into a full-time job. She is happy and thriving in her current venture.

Motherhood tends to pique a woman’s career curiosity. How will her career be five, ten, fifteen years from now? Will she be in tune with her purpose? Will she be doing what she loves?

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3. Increases the level of commitment

Being the best in what they do is every mother’s dream. Their commitment to their family makes them committed to their careers and, for others, their jobs. The thought of providing for her little one/s  is what drives them. The desire to being good role models for their kids makes them be the best version of themselves even in the workplace. 

With such a level of commitments, corporates also need to reciprocate loyalty by ensuring a favourable working environment for working mothers, such as having proper lactation rooms, a flexible working environment, and encouraging work-life balance.

4. It increases confidence

Confidence can have a  profound impact on one’s life. Being a working mom is primarily a self-confidence game. It involves making decisions about your work, home, children and being confident that you are doing the right thing and making the right choices. The more confident you become in juggling these roles, the less stress you feel. 

The beauty of this confidence is that it significantly boosts one career. Working moms can be more decisive in making boardroom decisions. They need to tap on their gut feelings, skills and experience to make decisions confidently. It gives women the ability to not doubt themselves in workplaces where competition is the order of every single day. 

Working moms should also tap this confidence to help deal with motherhood penalties which sadly are very much present today. Working moms should be bold and at the forefront in dealing with penalties mothers face in hiring, salaries, and perceived workplace competence that do not seem to affect fathers.

Be brave, the heart of a working mom is like the heart of a warrior! – Claudia Goetting Powell

5. Improves creative problem-solving skill

For most women, Motherhood sparks the creative bone in their body. Creativity requires new and unusual ways to solving problems or getting tasks done. This is what mothers do daily. They are always finding new ways to calm a grumpy toddler, entertain their bored kids, soothe the little ones to bed etc. They are excellent creative problem solvers at home. 

 Every mother’s career life should also feel this character. Creative problem solving is considered a soft skill and a personal strength. Working moms should look for creative ways to solve problems at their workplace. Whether looking to increase sales, increase market share, streamline operations, they should be ready and willing to offer solutions. Also, they mindful that their best ideas may not be the most realistic or feasible solutions for the problem at hand. It is important to keep an open mind and embrace other possibilities and ideas that emerge along the way.

Being a mom is tough and being a working mom is even more challenging. Working moms can always use the skills they have honed as parents to their advantage in the workplace. And as we celebrate mothers day this week, Just a reminder that working moms should remember to stop and smell the roses both at work and with their families. Whether a working mom, job hunting mom, retired mom or a stay and home mum, we see you, value you, and love you. 

Happy mothers day!

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