Job-hopping, Does it help or hurt your career?

Job hopping syndrome has for the longest time been a stigmatized phenomenon by most employers. Recruiters are not keen to engage...

Career Boomerang. Should I go back?

The concept of career boomerang is on the rise. This is where you voluntarily resign from one organization to work elsewhere...

Ways motherhood can boost your career

Career and motherhood have been known for the longest time to compete or fight each other. This because of the difference...

Common Biases in the Hiring Process

We all have internal biases knowingly or unknowingly. As humans, we tend to make decisions hastily based on our perception of...
Empathy is the natural human ability to feel what others feel

Cultivating empathy in the workplace

Empathy is the natural human ability to feel what others feel.  This trait allows us to connect, be compassionate and understand...
Workplaces come with people, habits, and situations that irritate us no matter how much we love our jobs

Workplace pet peeves that kill productivity

Workplace pet peeves refer to common grievances at the office that are irritating and hinder you from doing your job or...

5 ways to keep your career growing after job loss

Losing a job, especially at a time like this -when Coronavirus is ravaging the economy sucks. Currently, everything is uncertain, and...
How to get noticed on LinkedIn in Kenya

How to get noticed on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an application that enables professionals to connect, network, and build their careers by creating a profile. Just like any...

Issues affecting women in the workplace

Last month, The world explicitly addressed women’s issues. The highlight was the commission on the status of Women (CSW65) event where...

Tips on how to deliver a perfect elevator pitch

The recent incident where a popular local actor bumped into the President and urged him to watch the telenovela he features...

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