A guide to career transition

New beginnings are often characterized by a promising, hopeful, and anxious feeling. Career transition is no different. It is a daunting...
Empathy is the natural human ability to feel what others feel

Cultivating empathy in the workplace

Empathy is the natural human ability to feel what others feel.  This trait allows us to connect, be compassionate and understand...

How Social media can ruin your career

Social media platforms enable you to present yourself to the world, Your social media presence is an extension of who you...

Resignation etiquette: How to resign from a job gracefully

A friend recently got a new job and struggled with ways to resign from her current position. The thing is, her...

Rejoining the workplace after a career break

Have you ever taken a career break in the past? There are many factors that you should consider. First, most people...

Critical skills needed for entry-level job seekers

As graduation day approaches, most graduates are already looking for a job. Once they get the certificate the job search intensifies...

Safety tips when attending an interview

Last week, a notice was circulating on the various social media platform regarding a lady who went missing after attending a...

Job hunting this holiday? These companies are hiring.

The holiday season is here with us. As we get caught up with the festivities, holiday decorations, shopping, spending time with...

How to reach your career goals in 2021

The 2021 ball is already rolling and like many people, you have set up goals to ensure you climb up the...

How to be strategic in your job search

Are you the kind of jobseeker who sends a CV to any job opening? Are you only relying on online job...

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