6 Hacks to balance the main job and a side hustle

Having a nine to five job is what many people know and are comfortable with. The social aspects such as connecting...

How to be strategic in your job search

Are you the kind of jobseeker who sends a CV to any job opening? Are you only relying on online job...

Is your job secure?

Job security is ranked among the top contributors to job satisfaction. It is the assurance that you will keep your job...

Safety tips when attending an interview

Last week, a notice was circulating on the various social media platform regarding a lady who went missing after attending a...

HR Dilemma: Strategic business partners or employees advocate?

The Human resource function has evolved from the traditional administration function whose primary role was recruitment and payroll processing to a...

Is imposter syndrome sabotaging your job search efforts?

In the course of your job search process, do you feel inadequate or incompetent for roles that there is clear evidence...

How to manage stress while Job hunting

Job hunting is ranked the third most stressful life event that people dread for right after divorce and public speaking. It...

10 Job interview mistakes to avoid

Securing an interview from a pool of applicants is no mean feat and should be considered a major victory. An interview...

How to deal with office romance

Navigating the twist and turns of office romance is a tricky affair. The workplace is a fertile ground for office romance...

Cover Letter function during a job application process

When applying for a job, Most companies require you send in a cover letter alongside your resume explaining why you are...

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