Potential Potential red flags in a job posting

7 Potential red flags in a job posting

Job postings, also known as job ads, inform potential candidates about an opening in a company and invites them to apply....

How to optimize your CV and beat the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

If you are applying for a job in a mid-large sized company, you are most likely applying through the  Applicant Tracking...
Should I self-sourced or outsource?

Talent Acquisition debate: Should I self-source or outsource?

People are the most important asset for any organisation. They determine the success or failure of any business. A company’s employees...

How to handle salary history disclosure during recruitment

The issue of salary history has and will continue to be a thorn in the recruitment process. Unfortunately, many recruiters are...

Resignation etiquette: How to resign from a job gracefully

A friend recently got a new job and struggled with ways to resign from her current position. The thing is, her...

The role of HR in fostering innovation

Innovation is the heart of all companies. It entails replacing old goods, service or ideas with new ones. The new model...

Work-Life balance during Covid-19

Working-From-home during the COVID period comes with its benefits, such as less commute stress, money savings, and location independence, among many...

Job-hopping, Does it help or hurt your career?

Job hopping syndrome has for the longest time been a stigmatized phenomenon by most employers. Recruiters are not keen to engage...

Career Boomerang. Should I go back?

The concept of career boomerang is on the rise. This is where you voluntarily resign from one organization to work elsewhere...

Ways motherhood can boost your career

Career and motherhood have been known for the longest time to compete or fight each other. This because of the difference...

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