Common Biases in the Hiring Process

We all have internal biases knowingly or unknowingly. As humans, we tend to make decisions hastily based on our perception of...

How to optimize your CV and beat the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

If you are applying for a job in a mid-large sized company, you are most likely applying through the  Applicant Tracking...

How to handle gaps in your CV

Unexplained gaps on a resume often raise big red flags. This should not be the case as people take career breaks...

How to deal with office romance

Navigating the twist and turns of office romance is a tricky affair. The workplace is a fertile ground for office romance...

How to Negotiate A Job Offer

Congratulations on successfully completing the interview stage and getting the job. Before signing the contract remember it is a legally binding...
Should I self-sourced or outsource?

Talent Acquisition debate: Should I self-source or outsource?

People are the most important asset for any organisation. They determine the success or failure of any business. A company’s employees...

5 ways to keep your career growing after job loss

Losing a job, especially at a time like this -when Coronavirus is ravaging the economy sucks. Currently, everything is uncertain, and...

Job hunting this holiday? These companies are hiring.

The holiday season is here with us. As we get caught up with the festivities, holiday decorations, shopping, spending time with...

5 Avoidable mistakes HR professionals make and how to avoid them

Human Resource department is the heart of all organisational functions. It links all departments and employees making it an essential function...

Talent review best practices

It is that time of the year when annual talent reviews are being conducted. The talent review process is crucial because...

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