How to Manage gossip in the workplace

Gossip is common in most workplaces. There will always be colleagues who speculate about their co-workers and their motives. Most often,...

Why your CV is being rejected

Are you jobhunting? When looking for a job, your CV needs to stand out to proceed to the next stage of...

4 employee benefits that can help build a supportive workplace

Employee benefits are additional perks given to employees over and above their salary and wages. The benefits are crucial to both...

Tips on how to deliver a perfect elevator pitch

The recent incident where a popular local actor bumped into the President and urged him to watch the telenovela he features...

How to handle salary history disclosure during recruitment

The issue of salary history has and will continue to be a thorn in the recruitment process. Unfortunately, many recruiters are...

HR Dilemma: Strategic business partners or employees advocate?

The Human resource function has evolved from the traditional administration function whose primary role was recruitment and payroll processing to a...

How to be strategic in your job search

Are you the kind of jobseeker who sends a CV to any job opening? Are you only relying on online job...

Job hunting this holiday? These companies are hiring.

The holiday season is here with us. As we get caught up with the festivities, holiday decorations, shopping, spending time with...

Rejoining the workplace after a career break

Have you ever taken a career break in the past? There are many factors that you should consider. First, most people...

6 Tips to ace your next virtual interview

As most people remain indoor in the wake of the Corona Pandemic, workplace day to day communication has moved from in-person...

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