How to handle salary history disclosure during recruitment

The issue of salary history has and will continue to be a thorn in the recruitment process. Unfortunately, many recruiters are...

The role of HR in fostering innovation

Innovation is the heart of all companies. It entails replacing old goods, service or ideas with new ones. The new model...

Ways motherhood can boost your career

Career and motherhood have been known for the longest time to compete or fight each other. This because of the difference...

Common Biases in the Hiring Process

We all have internal biases knowingly or unknowingly. As humans, we tend to make decisions hastily based on our perception of...

Interview questions to stop asking candidates.

For the longest time, irrelevant, personal, and condescending questions have characterized job interviews. This takes away the whole purpose of getting...

Issues affecting women in the workplace

Last month, The world explicitly addressed women’s issues. The highlight was the commission on the status of Women (CSW65) event where...

Infusing Humanity In The Workplace

Apart from our families and loved ones, our colleagues make up most of our human interactions daily. Nothing compares to genuine...

7 Things HR department do to help employees succeed

 The role of the Human Resource department is to ensure both the company and employees succeed. A company can only succeed...

Recruitment trends to watch out for 2021

Recruitment is moving away from the traditional paper-based job posting, CV, and phone screening to a more creative and proactive approach....

Talent review best practices

It is that time of the year when annual talent reviews are being conducted. The talent review process is crucial because...

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