Issues affecting women in the workplace

Last month, The world explicitly addressed women’s issues. The highlight was the commission on the status of Women (CSW65) event where...

Infusing Humanity In The Workplace

Apart from our families and loved ones, our colleagues make up most of our human interactions daily. Nothing compares to genuine...

The highs of women in the workplace

The month of March is known for celebrating women. Women’s achievements, issues, concerns, commitment and challenges are highlighted and discussed throughout...

Hate your job? 10 Reasons your job is failing you

A past study by Gallup showed that only 15 % of full-time employees worldwide are engaged at work. It is safe...

Toxic work situations and how to deal with them

Toxic workplaces are like slow poison being drip-fed into employees’ self-esteem, confidence & identity daily. A toxic workplace atmosphere is continuously...

7 Things HR department do to help employees succeed

 The role of the Human Resource department is to ensure both the company and employees succeed. A company can only succeed...

Power of learning, unlearning and relearning in your career

As human beings, we are born with a unique ability to learn. We learn every aspect of life from either family,...

Supporting mental health in the workplace

Paying attention to employees’ mental health should be a top priority for employers. The modern workplace has become so toxic with...

How to deal with office romance

Navigating the twist and turns of office romance is a tricky affair. The workplace is a fertile ground for office romance...

7 ways to say no in the workplace without burning bridges

Saying no in the workplace is one of the things most professionals struggle with especially when dealing with their bosses. The...

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