Supporting mental health in the workplace

Paying attention to employees’ mental health should be a top priority for employers. The modern workplace has become so toxic with...

How to deal with office romance

Navigating the twist and turns of office romance is a tricky affair. The workplace is a fertile ground for office romance...

7 ways to say no in the workplace without burning bridges

Saying no in the workplace is one of the things most professionals struggle with especially when dealing with their bosses. The...

5 ways to create an Inclusive Workplace

An inclusive workplace is an environment that values and appreciates the diversity of its workforce. It is a workplace that embraces...

How to Manage gossip in the workplace

Gossip is common in most workplaces. There will always be colleagues who speculate about their co-workers and their motives. Most often,...

5 Workplace trends to embrace in 2020

The modern workplace is constantly evolving. As we speak, the way employers hire and retain top talents in the company is...

Importance of soft skills in the workplace

Employers never cease to be picky. When it comes to recruitment, most look for capabilities to perform tasks needed, training, and...

Rejoining the workplace after a career break

Have you ever taken a career break in the past? There are many factors that you should consider. First, most people...

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